Parcel accounts - defaults and overrides

A parcel account is a relationship with a shipping company such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.
There is a difference between a parcel account and a carrier. A parcel account is the shipping account (eg: relationship) you have with a shipping company such as UPS, FedEx, etc. whereas a carrier is the specific services those shipping companies provide, such as UPS Ground, FedEx 2-Day Air, etc.

In Infoplus, the parcel account can be set on each individual order. However, a default account will need to be set at the warehouse level. It is also beneficial to set overrides to keep consistency among your orders. Where to set these overrides will depend on your business operations.

The parcel account selected as your warehouse default will be the account the system will choose if no other overrides or manual inputs are applied.

You can set a default parcel account override at the order source level or line of business (LOB) level. If set at the order source level, any time an order comes in from that order source the selected parcel account listed on the order source record will override the selected parcel account set as the warehouse default. Similarly, a parcel account selected as the default override on the line of business record will be applied whenever an order is placed from that line of business.

If there is an order where the LOB and order source both have default overrides set, then Infoplus will apply the order source override.

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