Create / execute external shipment script

Hey all,

Has anyone made a script utilizing the new execute external shipment endpoint yet? I’m planning on making one this week and am curious if anyone has any experience with it so far.

If nobody has used it yet, I’ll drop my usage here after it’s implemented/tested.

Hey Jake,

Here’s an internal script we used for testing. Feel free to play around with it and if you come up with anything exciting let us know!

var input = {};
var runExecuteExternalShipment = infoplusApi.constructActionInput(“executeExternalShipment”);
runExecuteExternalShipment.idList = [];
runExecuteExternalShipment.idList[0] =;
input = runExecuteExternalShipment;
var output = infoplusApi.runAction(“externalShipment”, “executeExternalShipment”, input);

Sweet! Thanks Michael. Question for you: I’m using external shipments for orders that clients provide labels for. We ship these in Shipstation and they are technically created as 'fulfillment’s in the API, so the webhook doesn’t catch them.

I have my scripts all ready to go, the only issue I’m running into is choosing a carrier. I want to have some carrier that designates we didn’t actually ship this. Using the below Parcel Account/carrier combination produces an error (carrier 111 is not coded for activity).

Any suggestions for how to work around this? I’d rather not code them UPS or any other major carrier, just to keep them distinct.

@Jake-EcoShip We accounted for this by making the Rate Shop carrier option the go to for External Shipments. From our Product Update blog last week:

" if an order with a “Rate Shop” carrier is shipped using a External Shipment, the External Shipment will go through and the “Rate Shop” carrier on the order will be overridden with the chosen carrier on the External Shipment."

So basically, if you set it as a Rate Shop carrier once it gets executed it will change to your chosen carrier.