Infrastructure updates

In 2022, Infoplus developers set an ambitious goal: a complete overhaul of the Infoplus architecture, starting with our Legacy feature set. This project will take several years to complete, but enormous changes have already been released into production environments.

In 2023, a brand new version of the Infoplus Order service was released to all sandbox sites, monitored closely, and then rolled out to all production sites. This new order framework is built outside of our Legacy code and is modern, scalable, and streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Engineers are currently reframing entire sections of Infoplus code a little at a time in order to maintain the highest level of service. Our goal is that a user will never notice the new framework, except to note “Hmm, Infoplus seems faster these days!”

The work we are doing in 2023 and beyond to create the proper foundations for the new Infoplus codebase will go a long way towards bringing us from cloud-based to a true cloud-native solution. Eventually users will be able to exist on their own server!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we focus on continuous improvement.

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