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Infoplus Product Update - November 10 2023

The Headlines:

As the year draws to a close, Infoplus is proud to present our final product release of the year, packed with new features, updates, and community initiatives to bolster your business during the holiday season. This comprehensive release includes our new Infoplus Community Forum, enhanced API capabilities with “Execute External Shipment,” and expanded “Rate Shop” carrier options. We’ve also resolved critical bugs affecting backorder shipments, advanced our Shopify integration, and switched to V2 allocation to boost fulfillment efficiency. To top it off, we’ve added new servers to handle the increased demand and introduced DHL eCommerce International services, ensuring that our last update of the year contributes to a stable, efficient, and scalable holiday season for our clients.

  • New Feature: Expose “Execute External Shipment” Function to the API
  • New Feature: Allow “Rate Shop” Carriers on Orders when Using External Shipments
  • Bug Fix: Unable to Externally Ship Backorders
  • Updates: Shopify Improvements
  • Updates: Force V2 Allocation in Fulfillment
  • New Servers Added to Support Increased Holiday Demand
  • Last Infoplus Product Update of the Year
  • New Carriers: DHL eCommerce International Now Available via eHub

New Feature: Expose “Execute External Shipment” Function to the API

The “Execute External Shipment” action is now available to be used with Beta version of the Infoplus API. Previously, only the “Create External Shipment” function was available via the API, causing users to have to go into the Infoplus application to run the “Execute External Shipment” action. Now, both actions can be performed seamlessly via the API! This action will be available via the “/externalShipment/executeExternalShipment” endpoint. Multiple External Shipments can be executed at once by including multiple External Shipment ID numbers in the “idList” array. Please refer to the Infoplus API Documentation for information about required fields and expected responses when using the “Execute External Shipment” API endpoint.

New Feature: Allow “Rate Shop” Carriers on Orders when Using External Shipments

If an order had a “Rate Shop” carrier on it, and an External Shipment was attempted to be executed on the order, it would fail. Now, if an order with a “Rate Shop” carrier is shipped using a External Shipment, the External Shipment will go through and the “Rate Shop” carrier on the order will be overridden with the chosen carrier on the External Shipment.

Bug Fix: Unable to Externally Ship Backorders

Previously, if a backorder was attempted to be externally shipped using the External Shipments table, users would receive an error and be unable to create the External Shipment. This bug has been fixed, and backorders will be able to be successfully created and executed using External Shipments.

Updates: Shopify Improvements

If clients manually click the “Request Fulfillment” button on a Shopify order that has an Infoplus fulfillment service, that order fulfillment request will now successfully make it to Infoplus. We also updated our Infoplus Connect Shopify app to a newer version of Shopify.

Updates: V2 Allocation in Fulfillment

In an effort to retire legacy V1 allocation, if V1 allocation is selected on a Fulfillment Plan as the “Version,” V2 allocation will be forced to be used when the process is ran. This will not affect how orders are processed other than increased performance when going from V1 to V2 allocation. Additionally, if an item on an order contains Supplements, they no longer require V1 allocation and will go through V2 allocation.

New Servers Added to Support Increased Holiday Demand

As we gear up for the holiday rush, we’re scaling up our infrastructure with the addition of new servers. This proactive step ensures that your business can handle the spike in online shopping traffic without a hitch. Our expanded server capacity means faster processing times, reduced risk of downtime, and a smoother user experience — all so that you can focus on sales and service, not server status.

Last Infoplus Product of the Year

With this release, we’re wrapping up our product updates for the year, ensuring that our platform remains stable and reliable when it matters most. We’ve focused on delivering the features and fixes that are essential for peak performance during the high-stakes holiday season. By choosing to end our yearly release cycle now, we aim to provide a solid, uninterrupted service so you can deliver exceptional holiday experiences to your customers.

New Carrier: DHL eCommerce International Now Available via eHub

Infoplus users can utilize eHub to ship with the following carriers:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • DHL eCommerce
  • DHL eCommerce International
  • FedEx
  • FedEx SmartPost
  • Tusk Logistics

Just by shipping with eHub, companies can literally save thousands of dollars a day in shipping costs through eHub’s strategic partnerships with carriers.

Still utilize Infoplus’ rate shopping feature and other shipping partners to get the best possible rate.

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